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Wedding: 2nd Shooting

Towards the end of last year I met Ala from Love Ala Photography.  We did a photo session with her for our anniversary.  I’m thankful for this shoot for two reasons. One, the pictures really reflects “Us” right now at this point in our lives and I love them!  And two, it lead me to second shoot with her.  I was nervous to tell her I was interested in photography but I did (thank God) and she was super sweet about it.  I still remember her words, “I’m a helper not a hater.”  With a comment like that I knew we would get along.  I mean, c’mon I love helpers 😉 Well to my surprise she contacted me weeks later to see if I wanted to second shoot with her.  I was beyond excited! As a person who really wants to learn this business and shoot weddings, second shooting with her was a blessing.  There are some valuable learning experiences from second shooting and since I started back in July it has been nothing but better each time I do it. Being a second shooter allows you to watch, observe and shows you just what being a wedding photographer really means. This also allows you to really understand what a photographer needs on the wedding day and you can’t know that if you don’t get experience helping a main photographer first. Even if it means running around to find brother XYZ for family pictures so that pictures move along because of the little time you have to actually shoot them.  I think the most valuable lesson I have learned is how important it is to relay to your couples the time needed for pictures.  As a bride I can tell you I KNEW I wanted amazing pictures of Ivan and I but I never thought of the time I needed to set aside in the day for them.  Thank goodness I hired a professional who made sure I took the time for that.  I got to shoot not one, but two weddings with Ala and I’m grateful.  This wedding below I shot with her back in December and I smile very time I see the images.  This couple made plenty of time for their pictures, which is why they ended up with such beautiful shots.  What also warms my heart about these images is that this couple was beyond in love and it showed.  It was such a sweet wedding at Inn at the Seventh Ray.  Each wedding is so different because each couple is unique, there is always something fun and memorable I take home with me.  Here are a couple of my favorite images of the special day…