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Daily Dose

Confession: I’m obsessed with blogs. I prefer to read them to most things.  I guess it is not a huge confession or a big surprise, since I am a people person.  What I love most about them is the fact that these people share whatever quality they have been blessed with, with the rest of the world.

Here is a few blogs from my daily dose (in no particular order) from people I have never even met, but am inspired by their posts…

For spiritual reading and staying positive no matter what comes my way, I am all about The Daily Love!  I recommend this blog so much you would think Mastin (the writer) secretly hired me to be his #1 cheerleader.  If there was ever a blog that serves others this is IT.

For photography, I visit quite a few, but I will spare you and narrow it down.  Photographers know how to tell a story, which is why they become photographers in the first place. When they share their story on their blog about their own life as they encounter other people’s lives, I am inspired. I will start with Ms. Jasmine Star, I cannot help but to love how she inspires people regardless of what it may be.  She is a wedding photographer, but on this blog she shares so much more and is helpful.  She takes what she is good at and shares it with people.  She makes you laugh, cry, think and want to help others.  She is that girl you just want to sit down with for a cup of coffee.  I relate to Jasmine a lot too; maybe this is why I enjoy reading her blog.  I don’t know maybe I’m a stalker.  Ay Dios!  Do I sound like a stalker… well I’m not the only one, there is like another 50K photographers reading her blog daily too 😉 so there! NOT a stalker!

Another photographer I love to follow because she is also helpful is Katelyn James (I think I found her through Jasmine).  She has created a great brand and you remember her for it. She teaches and inspires by her posts.  I am thankful to have come across her blog.  Plus, she just got the cutest puppy ever!

Another favorite is Love Ala, she is awesome and super talented.  I feel she is the definition of pretty 🙂 her pictures, her words, her blog, her life.  It is like she just lives in pretty land. I love that. I want to live in all things pretty too LOL!  I am truly inspired by her work and kind heart.  Who knew I would one day shoot with her (more on that later), I’m super thankful for those opportunities.

Next, a fashion and photography blog in one! Could it get better than that?! I adore looking at fashion, the clothes and the poses. I think I follow the best person for this, I may be bias because I found Jamie on my own through Twitter, but really she is so chic and lives an amazing life.  I have never seen another blog like this. Check her out and thank me later…

My obsession with food (not cooking, just eating) has led me to the next two blogs.  First,  The Bitten Word .  They cook amazingly good-looking food (I have never tried their cooking… maybe one day).  I enjoy reading about their adventures and love for cooking.  We all have something and they are darn good at what they do.

The next food blog is a bit more than just food, actually a lot more!  This woman Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman went from having it all as a city girl to having it all and more as a country girl! This is really a must read. I want to be her when I grow up. HA!

My obsession for Shabby Chic of course is met by the one and only Rachel Ashell, I love every picture on that blog and her stories of creating things and designing these rooms from London to Santa Monica… one day, oh one day, I will walk into her store and afford to buy a beautiful piece 😉

Then there is In the Name of Love. Bianca touched my life a bit more than she will ever know.  Her faith alone is inspiring.  She is open about her emotions and her love for God. I am extremely thankful for her post and her constant reminder that God loves us.   I adore her for being so relatable and honest.  I found Bianca through Jasmine Star… of course I did, right 😉 HA!  They are twin sisters.  I might need to send Jasmine a BIG thank you card for sending such incredible people to my life including herself. Ay, OK, I will leave her alone.  Maybe I can just pay it forward by sending you, who is reading this (I swear people read my blog) someone who you can relate to and be inspired by.

I did not do these blogs and the people behind them justice in this post, so please let this be a stepping stone for you to find these amazing people and maybe add one of them to your Google Reader for your daily dose 😉

One of the best things I have ever learned in this life is to live INSPIRED.  I truly try to do it everyday. I’m thankful for what photography has brought to my life.

Feliz Tuesday!