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Ochoa Family

I have heard that a family with 3 girls is good luck. I really don’t know where I heard this, but I SWEAR I have and I’m not just saying it because I came from a family with 3 girls. Girls just rock, face it GUYS!  Yvonne and Ronnie are blessed, they are this incredibly cute family of 5 with girls that are sweet and well behaved. I mean they were so polite and adorable. I would want to take them with me anywhere 🙂 I could see us shopping now LOL!  It was so fun to photograph them and get to know them, I would hang out with this family all the time… need a 4th girl ;).  Thank you Ochoa Family for being so fun and loving… I really think you guys are the perfect little family with many blessing in store as your girls grow-up.

Girls, Girls, Girls 😉