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The Story

What is your story?  What do you tell yourself about the life you are living?  Thoughts are so powerful, huh?  The other day The Daily Love was about why the story you tell about your life is so important. It hit close to home for me.  For a while now, I have wondered if I can do this, can I be a wedding photographer?  Is this the story I’m telling myself… why am I questioning it?

Not too long ago someone asked if I would take their family pictures.  Of course, I replied.  Then I got all brave and mentioned their upcoming wedding.  She said to me, “We have someone.  I didn’t even think of it when we were looking.”  My heart dropped!  It dropped for a couple of reasons.  Yes, one of those reasons was that she didn’t consider me, but the main reason was that honestly this was kind of my fault. There is not really anything on this blog that says I want to be a wedding photographer or I am a wedding photographer.  Besides Ivan, no one has really heard me say this. What started as an adventure to capture sweet moments in life (and started with Ivan, poor guy, I had a camera in his face every night as I practiced) is now something I want to do as more than a hobby.  I AM DOING THIS.  This is no longer an adventure with a camera as the about me section of this blog says (need to change that ASAP).

The year is coming to end.  2011 is just about ready to close. I have shot more weddings and sessions this year than I ever thought I would (more on that later).  It was a transition year, a challenging year, BUT a GREAT year.  God knows exactly what you need at exactly the right time.  I am so grateful.  Next year might be even crazier, but I am going to continue to trust my journey and what I am doing.  My story is no longer, can I do this, I am doing this and I guess we’ll see what happens.

So here’s to walking in the direction of OUR dreams in 2012 (join me), to telling ourselves a GREAT story about the life we are living and last, to breaking up with the crappy reality shows I watch 😉