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Irivine Fall Session: Larios Family

What is it about fall sessions that are so perfect? Maybe it is the fact that light is changes in fall, the holidays are around the corner or the leaves are changing in the trees. Whatever it is, it sure makes lifestyle sessions more beautiful. The Larios Family holds special place in my heart. For a few years now I have watched their family grow and have documented some great moments in their lives. How lucky am I? I knew Adriana and Fred before they were married, when our only worry was the paper due in class the next day. Seeing them now with these three beautiful children is special, they are blessed. As parents they are dedicated and as husband and wife they could not be more in love. During this session I just loved to step back watch them through my lens, there was so much to capture, so many sweet little moments. I will do it every year if they allow me. 😉 Plus, when they are willing to change the kids and themselves included into Superhero costumes, you know it is going to be a fun day!

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