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I create powerfully engaging imagery for female entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-known brands so they can boost their ongoing marketing efforts and draw their audience in.

hey! I'm Lily.

Ayla’s 1st Halloween

We decided on the Itsy Bitsy Spider for Ayla’s first costume. She loves the song right now, so we thought it was a perfect fit. Halloween this year was so much fun, the holidays sure get sweeter with a baby. Unfortunetly, Roxy’s costume did not show up today as planned. I was sad about it but Roxy on the other-hand was thankful. She was suppose to be the sun to match Ayla. Bummer. Don’t you worry Roxy, next year we will make up for it. We found the perfect perfect pumpkin for Ayla! I love that Ayla will always have her cousins to hang with on holidays. The first Halloween was a success! Bring on the first Thanksgiving, we are ready!