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hey! I'm Lily.

6 months: Ayla

Happy Half Birthday, Ayla! It is hard to believe you came into our lives only six months ago, because now we can’t imagine this life without you. You are rolling over, just about to start solids, sleeping through the night most nights (thank goodness), but more important you are such a happy baby. Just last night you brought your toes up to your mouth and you thought it was so funny! 🙂 You bring us so much joy! You’ve changed our world in so many ways, sometimes it gets tough but most times its smiles and laughs with you. Your favorite song right now is Itsy Bitsy Spider and favorite book is Buenas Noches a Todos. Your toy of choose is always the baby banana training toothbrush that your sister Roxy wants a hold of so bad.

My girl, I’m so excited for what is in store for you, life is amazing and you have many more half birthdays to look forward to! You don’t know it yet but I love birthdays and we celebrate half birthdays in this house too. If you don’t believe me just ask Roxy. 🙂

Ayla 5months

These girls are already sharing secrets. We love you Ayla Sara to the moon and back.