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hey! I'm Lily.

Challenge update

I’m surviving! It’s almost 2 weeks into this 60 day challenge with Afterburn and I’ve actually been great! HOWEVER, I will say it is a darn challenge when I’m sitting at a restaurant for my mom’s birthday and the waiter says, “and for you Ms.?” I was the girl that brought my food to a restaurant, BUT I’m also the girl that has to be FULLY in or not in at all.  It is also a challenge when I changed the way I’m eating and still training for a half marathon. I ran 10 miles last Friday and it was freaking hard! My legs felt weak because I worked out the night before and boy, did I pay for it. HA! Lessons learned.  When you train for a lot of miles carbs are your best friend. I’m still eating carbs just not the ones that make you happy fat.  My body needs to get used to the clean eating, I feel like I was going through a detox last week. Currently my energy is amazing! I feel so darn good, not sluggish or extra tired. Those feelings alone are worth every sacrifice.

GUYS, the meals!!!  They are filling and delicious! I do not ever feel hungry. Meal prepping is A LOT of work, but worth it, especially if you are a mother. Having veggies cut, meats already done makes a week night dinner so much easier to put together for the kids. It’s just better to plan, DUH! This is not new to many, but for me it is.  I plan everything in my life. Food was not one of them, it’s weird because planning is the way I do things. Ask my husband it drives him nuts. By the way, my husband joined me on the clean eating and his support means EVERYTHING. Especially when he helps with some of the meal prepping. 😉

I post way more on snapchat about this journey to being fit, so follow me if you want to see the everyday stuff, username: lilyro23.

Happy Friday Thursday!