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Traveling: Rome, Italy

Ivan and I just got back from an amazing vacation. One we will never forget. Almost like a second honeymoon in the romantic country of  Italy. We started in Rome,  then went to Florence, then Venice and last, flew to Paris, France 😉 I feel lucky to have seen this part of the world with my husband, to share these moments and memories of discovering new places together.  We had been trying to plan this trip for a while, but couldn’t find the right time.  Finally, we just DID, we booked and went for it!  Again, we started in Rome, a place full of things to discover. The architecture is amazing, the old buildings and history is so unique.  It was memorable!  Let me just say this NOW: I ate my way through Italy.  I think the first couple of days we were there I took no FOOD pictures because I was too busy eating. Maybe I took as many pictures as I ate food.  Not kidding.

Getting pictures of Ivan and I together was a little challenging. There were moments where I was asking one person, looking at the picture and then asking someone else. HA! Ivan would get embarrassed but I would do anything for a good picture.

I loved visiting the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel (breath-taking BTW), and tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, so Ivan and I can be back to Italy someday ;).  St. Peter’s Basilica was WOW! Holy WOW actually. Just so detailed.  Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel was unreal to me. All of this was worth every minute, but I will say what I enjoyed even more was the language, the people, the food.  I love the language and because Spanish is so similar. Ivan and I understood most conversations around us. I really felt like people were friendly whether I used English or Spanish. I loved seeing nuns all over the city.  So interesting.  Our first night in Rome we had dinner at Urbana 47, a recommendation from Jordana of Hazelnut Photography.  She did not steer us wrong!  The fact that you can sit right by the kitchen and watch this amazing food being cooked had me at HELLO!!  I had spaghetti in olive oil with mussels, I don’t eat mussels and it was OH SO GOOD. We decided to walk home from dinner that night and got LOST.  It was fun to be lost for a while 😉 What did we do when we realized we were lost? Stopped for Gelato. Our second night, we had dinner and lots of red wine at Il Tempio di Minerva. We sat outside and people watched. The waiters were lots of fun, the Bucatini pasta dish was… well perfect.  Oh Roma, I hope we get to see you again soon!

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