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Happy Times: Nick & Carrie

You know that saying: We make plans and God laughs?  I feel like this is what happen with Carrie and Nick.  They had a plan  and then little Gianna came along.  The BEST little blessing in the whole wide world.  I will be shooting their wedding next month and I cannot be more excited! They are actually already married… they did the romantic run off to Vegas thing! I just love it! Now it is time for the wedding.  It’s time to say their vows before God and share them in front of their families.  Time for pretty dresses and flowers, suits and ties.  It is time to celebrate this awesome family of 3!!  Their engagement/family shoot was so much fun. Seriously Gianna is to DIE for!  She is just precious.  We did the shoot at Chapman University where Nick and Carrie met 12 years ago.  They are meant to be, it cannot be more clear. Things may not have gone according to plan but things are perfect, just the way they should be for Nick and Carrie.