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Traveling: Venice, Italy

I realized I’m lagging on my travel posts. We have been back almost a month and FINALLY this weekend I got to my Venice pictures. Oh Venice!  Where do I even begin. We walked out of the train station and my exact words were, “HOLY WOW!”  It is like a set, a Disney set in my eyes. I kept telling Ivan, we are going to see the camera crews any moment now. I mean this city is adorable, I can’t get over how a little city like this exist in this world. It is fascinating. The canals, water taxi’s, police on sea-doos, the art, yummy calamari, Piazza San Marco and the Basilica San Marco. All of this and more makes this city so unique. You may not  need a lot time in Venice, but you need to see it.

The America’s Cup was in Venice when we were in the city.  The Piazza San Marco is where all the tourist hang out in Venice, but I can’t blame anyone this square holds a big part of Venice’s history. Of course we HAD to go on a gondola ride and YES it was worth every minute.  Plus ROMANTIC 😉 We went to a great restaurant on our first night in Venice, where I had great calamari and Ivan had yummy seafood spaghetti. BUT I cannot remember the name. UGH. I have a picture of the restaurant but no name. Bummer. I was more into my food and wine than the name I guess. YOGA!!! The Peggy Guggenheim collection is awesome and her story is pretty interesting to say the least.   Nutella everything please… so good. One of my favorite spots in Venice was this little coffee shop, La Bottega de Cafe. The amaretto pastry was so good as of course was the coffee.

Romantic little Venezia, I will never forget you.

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