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Happy Times: Mena Family

The Mena Family is just adorable! They are perfect. Two girls and one boy, to me this is a perfect family of 5 ;). When Maribel mentioned that she wanted to take her pictures at Franklin Canyon Park, I was excited because I had never shot there before. Plus their kids love this place, which made it even better. It was such a fun shoot!  Each of these kids have such an entertaining little personality! It took a little while for their youngest to warm up to me, but before I knew it he was letting me shoot pictures of his sweet little face.  These kids are all so well-behaved! I must say Maribel, you and Augie do a great job and not to mention made such cute kids!  I love the way Augie takes care of his family, it is a true reflection of how happy they all are. Plus his love for the L.A. Kings has become a total family thing! These kids are real fans, they started going to Kings games when they were only a few months old.  Their dog is even named Kopitar!

The girls are so sweet, PLUS they have the prettiest hair! This my favorite picture, I adore how real it is.  Just ADORABLE I tell you!