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I create powerfully engaging imagery for female entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-known brands so they can boost their ongoing marketing efforts and draw their audience in.

hey! I'm Lily.

Party of 10

The thing I LOVE most about photography is the time I get with these people as I capture their special moments. I really get to step into their world and learn about them as a couple or as a family. I say this often, I know, but I love people.  I love to learn about their story, their world.  I’ve known Connie for a while, I know she is a wife and I know how cute her and her hubby are, but I never really knew about her family.  How close she is to her sisters and how cool they are to hang with ;).  Connie and her sisters wanted to take a big family picture for their parents and document a bit of their lives. I soooo enjoyed watching them just hang out, my favorite was seeing how the husbands seem to have become like brothers themselves because of the bond the sisters have.  The kids in the family are just adorable and fun.  I am telling you I felt like I needed a password to get through the door and step into their world. They have like their own language ;).  I hope their parents LOVED the picture just as much as I loved hanging with this party of 10!