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Happy Times: Ascencio Family

There are no words to describe how much love I have for this family, but I will try :).  They mean so much to me.  They are warm, giving and their faith is amazing. They inspire anyone around them to be better.  Adriana and Rick have created a beautiful family.  As they added each sweet girl to their lives their blessings grew. The girls are so fun! Each one has such a distinct  personality; I just love watching them grow-up.  Adriana is one of those moms who do it all.  She goes from here to there with all of them and makes it look easy.  I always think, how does she do it?  You can’t help but to love her, because as busy as she is, she will always have time to help others.  I believe this is one of the reasons Rick is so in love with her, because she keeps this family on track.  They are just a great example of a family that has it all simply by giving back and loving the life they live.  Each member  is like a puzzle piece that comes together so perfectly.  I’m smitten with them, especially those girls.