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Oh Babies: Adriana

When it comes to taking care of her family, Adriana has it down.  When it comes to being a supportive wife or a loving mother, Adriana has it all taken care of.  This mother of one is becoming a mother of 3 and I know she will find a way to still have it all taken care of.  She is amazing.  I wonder all the time how she does it.  I mean who can look this great pregnant with twins?  WHO!?!  She is has it all in control and still looks this HOT, I mean really ;)?! I’m so excited for the new blessings in their lives and grateful I get to see this family grow.   Thank you Adriana for continuing to allow me to capture your beautiful family, I am beyond thrilled about what is in store for all of you with this blessing of twins.  xoxo!