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hey! I'm Lily.

Engaged: Debbie & Daniel

They travel, they teach and they are in love.  These are things I love about Debbie and Daniel.  I was actually pretty jealous of all the traveling they have done (a happy, take my on your next trip kind of jealous).  If you want to travel consult with them, believe me they can help.  They are just so perfect for each other! I just love how apparent it is.  Debbie is sweet and kind, the girl you just want to open up to because you know she will listen.  Daniel is funny, a guy’s guy, but totally sweet and into his girl.  I loved every minute of their engagement session getting to know them, even the moment when Daniel told me pictures was not his thing. Guess what happen after that…  Um I made this his thing and by looking at the pictures you would think he does this every day ;).  All he really had to do was love Debbie and that was very easy for him.  THEY ARE IN LOVE and it showed as I took their pictures.

D & D, as I like to call you two, can’t wait for your big day!!! XOXO!