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Birth Month

Every year March brings reflection to my life and this year was no different.  I scheduled a session with  Ala to learn about the business part of photography, I went to Jasmine Star’s The FIX and I celebrated a birthday.  From all of these things individually I learned the same message.  Do what you LOVE!  Go after what you want, don’t wait for change, struggle will exist, but there is no point in living a life that makes you unhappy.  Every birthday I try to focus on what changes I may need to make in my life.  I look at birthdays as the New YEAR of my life, a chance to make it better than the last. I usually celebrate mine for like a week, but this year it was a quiet birthday.  For those who know me know this is rare, but I wanted it this way and although it was quiet I want to remember it because my life is changing.  I want to remember when I was happy, nervous, scared, laughing, crying and breathing during all these uncertain moments of change.  I feel like I may not have a direct path at the moment, but I am trying, really trying to adapt to the unknown and for this reason I want to remember this time.

Growing up I had an idea of what my life was going to look like at this age. Chasing dreams, finding a new passion, changing careers or a job, being a mom, owning a home, living in the perfect little city would all be things that I had done by this time.  What in the heck!  Was I crazy?  Although some of these things have already happened, how boring would my life have been if that were all behind me at this point? AND are we ever too late to be chasing a dream or finding a new passion? No!  Why I had that idea I don’t know. I love my life and how Ivan and I are living and planning our dreams despite what others may think. So as I continue to unfold this path there is one thing I want to preach and repeat in my life, it is simply to be happy.  No matter what changes, no matter the outcome… always go find what makes you happy.  Be comfortable with being uncomfortable to find your direction…  LIFE is way too short and I truly believe there is no TIME to wait for things to change or just happen. This month was a great reminder of all of all of this!

I know I am bit over the top about life; I’m just passionate about it.  I love LOVE.  I love to learn about people.  I read the Daily Love everyday for heaven sake! BUT this is what makes me, me.  All I can say is I thank God my husband adores me for it or so he says 😉

Cheers to a new year of life! To living happy, accepting the unknown and making things happen.  OH and having MORE fun with the camera…

Picture to the left is from my session with Ala and picture to my right is from The FIX with Jasmine Star.