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Best of 2016 Lifestyle Photos


What an amazing year documenting life for my clients! I had great SESSIONS this year, truly some of my favorites ever. It may be repetitive, but I LOVE LIFE. If you don’t know that already about me, you probably don’t follow me on Instagram 😉. I know I was meant to document life and I’m grateful to make a living doing what I love. I could not thank all these amazing clients enough. It’s not easy being in front of the camera, I know first hand. I know during a session I may say, hold each other and it may feel a little bit staged. However, I’m just documenting what happens in your everyday life that is not caught on camera. This is why sessions are so important. You probably kiss your wife/husband daily and hug your kids everyday, but it’s those moments not photographed that need to be. Well in my opinion at least annnnd in the opinion of the clients which is why we work together. We know life is awesome and it’s worth documenting 😍. The thing I am MOST proud of this year is how different, yet the same my clients are. I looked at this post a million times making sure the photos I wanted to add were right (it was so hard to choose). All I kept thinking is how beautiful each family/session is. How lucky I am to work with different people from different backgrounds, yet we worked together so some how there is something about all of them that is the same… maybe the same love for LIFE 😉.

To my 2016 clients, THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for your trust in me. I’m grateful to know your families, to talk about life, balance, love, and careers with you. I’ve seen your family grow and change, and all through those little moments we planned to document together. We make a great team! You may not know this, but in some way you teach me something as I observe and document your world. When I step in your home, when I meet you for the first time at a shoot, I learn about LIFE and what it was that connected us ❤️. XO!!!!