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hey! I'm Lily.

Year 3!

Here we are, 3 years in. 3 years of happy. I know we haven’t been happy everyday for the last 3 years, but most days are happy. The good out weigh the bad days. I said this last year in our anniversary post I don’t know what we did, but God has blessed us. I know we are not perfect, I am not perfect and I am thankful you love me as is. From all my imperfections that you roll your eyes at to how I drive you nuts with my piles of clothes in the corner of our bedroom when I don’t know what to wear 😉 If I had to pick one thing about you that I’m truly thankful for, it is how you do the little things and I know sometimes you think I don’t notice them, but I do. Yes sometimes we fight and yes we get on each other nerves, but what I love to know each night is that the base that you and I built remains in tact. Our base may have cracks, may not be pretty at times and sometimes it is just pain ugly, yet we keep it together.  Sometimes we want different things and that is OK. What matters to me is how the BIG stuff, the things that really matter we are on the same page about. You want what I want and I want what you want. That is simply what makes us US. Thank you Ivan, for being a husband, friend, lover… my “FAVOURITE” person.

Can you believe it has been 3 years 😉


“And you remain my most FAVUORITE thing
and everywhere I go you’re here with me
and you remain my most FAVUORITE thing
and all the time I keep you near me”


your wife

photo credit: Shannon Renee Photography (ps. I love her!)