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Workshops and New Friends

I don’t really know where to start with this post. I get a little emotional thinking about this new experience 😉 Luckily, a couple of months ago I decided to invest in my growth as a photographer and this business. It was the best decision! I knew it would be a great learning experience but it was even better than I imagined. Everyday I strive to be better, I want to give my clients the best experience and I want them to looooove their images after their wedding day. This is why I knew investing in a photographer workshop was a must do in my journey.  When I signed up, I really didn’t even consult with anyone (and I am an over thinker) I just registered and paid. Done and Done.  Of course again, I knew a workshop with one of the best wedding photographer’s out there was going to be worth every penny and it was AND THEN SOME! Oh heeeey Jasmine Star! She not only inspires you and teaches you to be great at your photography and business, but I feel like in general she just inspires you to be better all around in everything you do in life. The same goes for her awesome partner in life JD, who is so willing to offer his help, willing to make this whole experience better for you. Most know I am a people person, I love people who teach, inspire and are go-getters of their dreams. She is that, so I knew a workshop to learn from this type of person was a great fit for me. Then you put me in the mix with other photographers that want to grow and be better, I was in heaven! I mean there is nothing better than to learn from all of these people. All of us are different, but our common ground was we have a dream of doing this and we are going after it. This group was awesome. They were ready to learn and help each other. Sometimes following a dream or goal is lonely. Many people don’t dare to go on that path, so you find yourself alone trying to prove yourself. It is not easy, this is why I am thankful for experiences like this because you realize you are not alone and you meet people who understand. I feel blessed to have experienced this with such a cool group of people.  To all of them and the reason we came together Jasmine Star and JD, Thank you! I thank you for adding to my life and making me a better wedding photographer. Hugs!

Jasmine Star whaaaat!

 This might be one of my favorites of the day…. LOOOOVE.