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Venice Beach Engagement Session: Christina + Joe

Oh, these two! I just adore them! Their love for each other is contagious, when you are around them you feel it and you want to be around it more. I don’t know what it is, but there is this calm demeanor about them. Maybe it is the way Joe takes care of her, the way throughout the session he made sure his wife-to-be was comfortable and happy. They are PERFECT together! When we met in Venice that day, it was very busy but as soon as we walked into the canals and it was time to forget the rest and focus on each other, they did exactly that. The rest of the world was shut out, I felt like I was in a whole other place watching two people truly in love with each other. Christina and Joe met in college, they were friends at first but then one night out led to “making out” 😉 and now here they are getting ready to be husband and wife very soon! I can’t wait!

Christina you are GORGEOUS! Joe is a lucky man!