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Terranea Resort Engagement Session: Pam & Jordan

Oh, this couple!! They are quite perfect. Jordan and Pam’s grandfathers were very good friends, so their families have known each other for quite some time. However they had never met, until Jordan’s grandmother thought they would be great for each other. How awesome is that?! Somehow, what was friendship between two families is now love, which is making them a real family. I love it! When they told me they wanted to do their engagement session around the beautiful Terranea Resort, I was thrilled! They chose this location because it’s where Jordan proposed!! I give him MAJOR points, this place is stunning! It just feels like you are far away somewhere on vacation. Spending the afternoon with these two was great, they are so sweet, kind and a lot of fun. Pam and I actually have a lot in common and know some of the same people. Small world. 🙂 I could not be more thankful to Rhonda Hirschman-Beer from A Very Special Marriage for referring them.