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hey! I'm Lily.

Self Portrait: November

I’m full of announcements this Friday morning! Two big ones to be exact! I’m finally making this official, I mean it is soooo official but now it is “Internet” official. Ivan and I are expecting! We are having a baby! Come April 2013 we will be blessed with a little GIRL! We get nervous sometimes, but we are lucky and are definitely not taking this for granted. I feel like this is as ready as we will ever be. We have known each other so long, traveled together, built careers and did most things we wanted to do before children. Although, I don’t think anyone is ever 100% ready, this time is probably the most ready we will ever be… I think! HA! Luckily, I feel great. I never got any kind of morning sickness, except now sleeping is just not the same. I LOVE MY SLEEP. My major craving has been cucumbers with lemon and chill power. Weird. At 19 weeks, we are anxiously looking for our perfect name, a home and reading a lot. I am growing and that sometimes freaks me out. Baby H is currently the size a large heirloom tomato and she can possibly hear now. We are also trying to prepare our fur baby, Roxy, for this change. Awww my girl, her life is about to change! My goodness all our lives are going to change… wish us luck! Women do this all the time, I will be fine, right? Kidding. As weird as this whole experience can sometimes be, it truly is a miracle. I have a human growing inside me. Ay Dios!

This baby is not the only thing I have been cooking up the last couple of months.  My next announcement is a WEBSITE! A real WEBSITE! I have been working hard to build something that feels like me and just like this baby in the making, a website takes time to build. I’ve been working with great designers and I can’t wait to share. Unlike Baby H, this website will be up and going early next year.

For my 2013 brides, I’m looking forward to your weddings. We are all set!  I have been blessed with the perfect couples! We just click! We are meant to be I tell you.

For future 2013 brides, I will not be shooting weddings from April to mid-July. If you are getting married anytime before or after and I’m your type 😉 contact me!

I will be officially on maternity leave (from photography) starting March 23rd. I’ll be spending the last four weeks (if baby girl gives us that long) finishing up editing March weddings, and will still be available on e-mail. Once she arrives, I’ll be on maternity leave until the mid-July. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to stay away from shooting that long, 😉

2013 is going to be great in so many ways!