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hey! I'm Lily.

Self Portrait: January

We are half way through January! I’ve wanted to write a personal post all month but my days are flying by. I just need to slow down a bit! We moved into our new home and I will say thank goodness for my husband because he has handled most of it. 2013 is off to a great start and we have such a little blessing coming to us soon, I am so grateful.  Moving is not fun, but picking paint colors and new furniture is!  Anyway, I love the start of a new year. It is a time to reflect on what you made happen in the past year and what you left behind. January gives us a chance for a reSTARt if you will 🙂 This past year was another transition year. There were times where I didn’t know where to go, which direction or choice to make, but I am glad that in every scary decision I made I went with my gut. I do wish I did more, there were some goals I didn’t accomplish and there were some I did accomplish that were a bit scary.  I truly believe the decision that scares you the most are the one you should go with. Personally and professionally I have experienced both in 2012. I feel 2012 changed me. I grew and photography has played such a big role.

Photography has truly changed my life since day one. Since I realized I wanted to learn and pursue it, I have not been the same. 2012 brought me so much joy from just the people I met through photography, my clients, other photographers and the pictures, the moments that are gone, but my clients and I can hold on to.

Life is changing, big time. I have new adventures coming that I know are going to challenge me. I know they are going to make me HAPPY, make me want to quit or make me second-guess my decisions. The truth is I have no idea how 2013 is going to go and I am scared. My hope is this means it is all worth it and on this path I will live life in an even most amazing way.   Here’s to 2013 and the unknown!!


26 weeks pregnant. Baby is the size of an English cucumber.  Still craving cucumbers but now really wanting avocado on everything. The baby movement is more frequent with kicks and tumbling in there.  Feeling good, occasional back pain. Doing yoga frequently. Wedding ring is still on, but not sure how much longer.