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I create powerfully engaging imagery for female entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-known brands so they can boost their ongoing marketing efforts and draw their audience in.

hey! I'm Lily.

Right Now

For a while I was trying to do a Self Portrait or Right Now blog post every couple of months, but boy am I behind. Jeez! It has been a while since I have written a personal post. It might just be because I feel like I’m still in a transition stage trying to get back in to a new routine. Sometimes I’m sure and sometimes I’m unsure of the path I am on. I guess I’m just trying to get comfortable again. However, something tells me I better get use to being uncomfortable. I’m following my dream of being a full time photographer, which also means being an entrepreneur. I never imagined this for my life and when I fell in love with photography a few years ago, doing this full time actually seemed like a million years away. Well here I am!

Right now:

I love Sundays, especially knowing I don’t have to be any where on Monday mornings if I don’t want to be.

I miss having co-workers.

I love being my own boss, but it also means major discipline within myself.

Coffee is my fuel, being a mom is tough work.

Ayla is my alarm clock, I love to hear her mumbling in her crib.

Thinking about planning a mini vow renewal for our 5 year (something we always talked about). I love to celebrate love, duh!

I stress about growing this business.

There are moments I wonder if I will look back and think what the heck did I do leaving the secure job.

I work in a office like I did before but from home and more importantly in comfy clothes. #winner

Lulu Lemon is my clothes of choice Monday – Friday. Again #winner.

I listen to the Continental Breakfast station on Spoitfy especially when I am editing. I makes me feel like I’m in the hotel lobby of the Four Seasons. HA!

I’m working on albums… yes ALBUMS for my clients! I am so excited!!

I know this risk was worth it when I’m shooting an engagement shoot on a random Tuesday.

I’ve been meeting regularly with 3 awesome women, who are also photographers. Talking to each other about our dreams, goals and life makes this road less lonely. I appreciate them!

I never want to do another job in my life. EVER. I had a great career before photography but what I am doing now makes me happier than I’ve ever been.

I’m getting back to running. I love running, I’ve ran 3 full marathons and a couple of half marathons. It was part of my lifestyle and for a while I stopped. Getting back to it lately has made me so happy. I felt like a part of me was missing and I found it.

I just finished a commercial job (with my old job, but now as a photographer) and although my first love is weddings, this job was pretty darn awesome too! I love working with this crew.