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Pasadena Family Session: Dunlap Family

This family session came together so beautifully!!! I loved their colors it’s almost like Crystal picked them to match the actual location and lighting. Call me bias, but I adore a family with daughters! Yes, probably because I have daughters of my own ;).  I’ve known Crystal for a while and to finally get a chance to photograph her beautiful family was awesome! I mean look at them, can they be any more gorgeous?! Plus, I had so much fun with them. I loved to see the different personalities in each girl, what they bring to the family, how they interact with each parent. They are truly a blessed family.

Now, for one second can we just talk about Crystal and her husband, Troy? They are an awesome couple, a great example to their daughters of what a married couple should be. They’ve build an amazing family and I’m grateful to call them friends.  What is that saying?! “Great marriages are contagious. Surround yourself with couples who have one!”  This married couple is truly that.

How stunning is this little beauty!! Love her! How gorgeous are these girls?! They get it from their momma! 🙂  I love this picture, hahahaha! Sisters!!!!!