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Palos Verdes Engagement Session: Victoria & Michael

Victoria was referred to me by another photographer and I’m sure glad she was, from our first conversation I felt like we could be friends. Plus we both have a love for baseball and Malbec ;). When she told me about how her and Michael met I was so excited, BECAUSE guys, more and more of my couples meet online. I LOVE THAT! It’s just where we are in life and if you know me personally, you know I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. 🙂  Now let me share some of Victoria’s words on how they met because she said it best: “Our story began on Tinder (don’t judge). I saw handsome, doctor, and baseball, and swiped right. Micky saw beautiful, attorney, IPAs, and baseball, and swiped right. We “mutually” decided to meet on a Saturday afternoon. Micky claims to have been sick and thinks I forced him to meet me. I claim Micky demanded the meeting on an hour’s notice. What we both expected to be just another first date, turned into a 3-hour conversation at Starbucks followed by cookies at Milk Jar… I think we both knew something clicked since it was the first time either of us had a first date that lasted three hours without a meal or alcohol!”

These two are obviously meant to be and I could not be more thankful to be documenting their first day as husband and wife!