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Oakland Engagement Session: Kary & Luis

Luis and Kary met years ago in the city where they grew up, but the ongoing joke Luis likes to tell is that she had no interest in him until he moved away. Then on one of his visits home from Oakland they saw each other and after that she wanted everything to do with him. Kary might tell you differently ;). They were dating long distance for years until Luis proposed a couple of months ago in Napa (he gets MAJOR points in my book for that proposal)!

When they decided they wanted to do their session in Oakland, where they both live now I was thrilled. Of course, I want to travel any chance I get, but mostly I was excited because they wanted to do their session in a place that means so much to them. This place is the first city they lived in together and their first apartment together, with a great view of Lake Merritt I must add. I think it’s great when you get a chance to document memories such as these. Our lives change so much and eventually you end up missing the little things. For example, there is a wind tunnel outside of their building that Kary can’t stand, one day she’ll miss it… maybe :). It’s those things that you laugh about years later and I’m so glad they will have photos of their life in Oakland.

When I arrived they took me for coffee… not just any coffee but Blue Bottle coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee, so they were already speaking my language. There are great photographers everywhere, but as a couple getting married the best thing you could do for yourself is find the photographer who’s art you LOVE and also, who you connect with and want to bring along on your wedding day. I personally think we make a good team! Kary and Luis appreciate photography, YAY! They love wine and spending time in Napa, so my style annnnnd they are coffee connoisseurs. Ummm coffee is the way to my heart! They are such a fantastic couple together and the way Luis takes care of his girl is so sweet. After the session, I flew home with a happy heart and was even MORE excited to shoot their October wedding at the Lombardi House.

Kary & Luis – I’m coming to Oakland to visit! Thank you again for bringing me along to document your love story! XO!