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Nursery, babyshower & babymoon… Oh my!

It is amazing how life has transformed in the last 9 months… I am about to let go of the life I knew and enter a whole new one.  “The Unknown”, you are one scary beast, 😉 but in a good way!  Any day now baby H comes into this world. We are trying to prepare, but I know it is not totally possible.  We have read books, bought a home, decorated the nursery and showered this little one, and yet we still don’t feel 100% ready. BUT we are super excited to be blessed with her in our lives.  I have been busy trying to get things done before baby that it has taken me a month to get these pictures together to post. FINALLY!!

Ivan has been amazing, he worked on her nursery all by himself and I loooooove the turn out. The nursery is done, but here is a few pictures of the process. Soon I will post pictures of the end result. 😉 Thank you, Ivan for what you are already doing for this little one. It is just the beginning! I know once she is here there is nothing you would not do for daddy’s girl.


The Baby Shower!  I can’t thank the women in my life enough for this day. I’m so lucky! I have a mom and sisters, who I love and respect. We would do anything for each other. I have girlfriends that I have created amazing friendships with. I feel so blessed to have all these women in my life. My soon-to-be daughter will have such amazing role models, she will be who she is because of the strong women we surround myself with.  I’m so thankful.

babyshower_024 babyshower_025 babyshower_026 babyshower_027

The Babymoon. It was important for us to take a couple of days away (without Roxy, HA!).  Getaways have always been what we love to do most in all the years we have been together. This one to me was particularly important.  I think one of the scariest things for me that is about to change is our marriage as we become parents. I am going to be completely honest, because I wonder if other pregnant woman feel like I do. Ivan and I have been married over 3 years and our marriage has been great. We get along well.  I am so thankful that God sent him to me. Although, we are not perfect, we fight, we are on the same page and because of that life together has been awesome.  I don’t want things to change since they already work great! I am crazy, I know. Will a baby change us? Of course, but can we stay like we were? LOL! Can we still leave for a romantic dinner anytime we want, can we make time for us anytime we want? I know the answer!  I know we just need a new normal… and because of our past I’m confident we will find it, yet I still think about it.

Here is a few Instagram pictures for our trip!

Ivan picking wine and me happy with my birthday dessert. Pretty much our lives, these last 9 months. 🙂
Babymoon Babymoon-3

On our way home, we stopped at an awesome breakfast place in San Diego. I want to give this place a shout out!  It was so good! Snooze is awesome! TRY IT!

By this time Ivan was done with the picture taking…HA!


Last, OF COURSE, we took pictures to remember this special time. I would have it no other way, right! 🙂  Thank you Ala Cortez for your awesome work!

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