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I create powerfully engaging imagery for female entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-known brands so they can boost their ongoing marketing efforts and draw their audience in.

hey! I'm Lily.

New website, New path

I’m super excited to share my new website and BLOG with the world! It was a long time coming and definitely time for a new look. Right now change is my new friend. Life has changed quite a bit since I last blogged. I am now a full-time PHOTOGRAPHER and it feels great to say that. I am nervous, excited, scared and ready for this new journey even though it was not an easy decision. Following your passion can be a very scary thing! Especially when you have a steady career you enjoy. I worked in sports and although it was hard work it was a lot of fun. The truth is it was time to take this risk and as much as I enjoyed my job, I love PHOTOGRAPHY more. This is something I never blogged about because I was torn with this new passion I discovered years ago. When I first started to take more of an interest in photography I didn’t even tell anyone for an entire year. I just watched from a distance and studied photography. When I finally did pick up the camera, I realized I could create art and my life changed. I wanted to learn more about photography and photograph people more than anything. Since college all I ever wanted was to work in television and some how not knowing anyone in the business I made it happen. I ended up working for two incredible people that taught me so much about the business. Therefore you could imagine that when my heart was telling me I should follow photography and see where it takes me, I was terrified. I almost felt guilty that I wanted something else when I already had a good thing going. As much as you fight with what your heart wants most times you just can’t win. At one point or another you have to make the choice and take the risk. As I said my goodbyes to my television job, I received a call from a colleague. It turned out they needed a photographer to come in once a week for a show I already worked on for years. I am very grateful for this opportunity. SOOOOO just as I’m making this scary decision to change my career, the universe tells me loud and clear my decision is the right one. Life may not always be as good as it is right now, but I know going on this new venture will teach me more whether I fail or succeed than if I stay in my comfort zone and not follow my heart. Hopefully this leads to some real interesting stories I could continue to blog about. 😉