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Life’s Transitions

When we moved into our new house, Roxy was not a happy dog. We thought immediately she would love and acclimate to having a yard, but that was not the case. She was nervous and not herself for about four days.  Little did I know dogs are not good with change, just like humans they struggle a bit with adapting to new surroundings.  I have been reading Cesar Milan’s, A Short Guide to a Happy Dog and I am learning now how to handle Roxy during these transitions, especially now with the baby coming.

Roxy has always had an affinity for my husband, she follows him everywhere. When he is home all she wants to do is  be by his side but things have changed. When I found out I was pregnant she became dependent of my company.  Wherever I am in the house she is right there beside me. It is as if she is aware something is different and wants to make sure I am well.  Apart from the new house we are now closer to having a new member in our pack. HA! Yes, pack, as Caesar Milan calls it.  We are currently trying to set new boundaries for Roxy because she has been the ruler of the pack so this is definitely a developing modification for her.  However Cesar’s advice is working. I’m quickly learning that treating Roxy like a human is not acceptable… I knew that but I enjoyed it that way, except when she doesn’t listen to me and the human quality in her tests my patience.

The other day I was in the kitchen, I look outside and there is my sweet Roxy running around.  I realized then my dog is happy again and currently doing just fine adjusting to the new house. As a parent I think I worry more about her than I need to. Um, yes, I said parent!  After seeing her outside I did what any normal parent would do, grab my camera. 😉


Then I made her pose and she didn’t like it… there is that sassy human quality in her. She knew exactly what pose would make me upset and refused to look at the camera.



 Here is to life’s transitions and going through them as a pack! 🙂