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La Canada Lifestyle Session: Trujillo-Alvarez Family

I have quite a few session from the end of last year that I never got a chance blog, so on this #TBT I thought I would share on I love from the Lily Ro Photography archives ;).  I looked at these photos when I was blogging and then at some recent photo Ines just posted of the kids and they have already grown so much! THEY REALLY do change at this age and not just looks either. Personality too!! Always make time for photos especially when the kids are this little.  It can be stressful to make it come together, but it is so worth it!

Ines and I met through the Super Mamás Podcast, well we didn’t meet in person till the session, but we connected because the Super Mamás have build such an awesome community of moms.  It was a pleasure to connect about family life, motherhood and even living out our passions to be the best role models for our kids! These little ones are were just awesome to photograph, so happy and playful! Jose and Ines your kiddos are adorable, I had the best time photographing all of you at Descanso Gardens!!