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hey! I'm Lily.

I heart 2011

2011 was more than I expected. I shot more sessions and weddings than I thought I would.  I envisioned myself shooting a wedding, but did I think by the end of the year I would end up as a third shooter once, a second shooter 5 times, shooting my very first small wedding to shooting a wedding in Palm Springs… um no! I am so GRATEFUL.

This post is dedicated to YOU!   This is to each and every one of YOU who trusted me, who allowed me into your world of love and comfort so I can snap a few photos. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.  You have helped make this dream come true, you have helped build the foundation to this journey.  Also, thank you Robert for taking me along on some of your weddings. YOU ARE THE BEST!  AND thank you Ala!  If someone had told me I was going to shoot two weddings with you before 2011 was over I would have never believed it.  Lucky me, I was able to learn from someone who takes risks, dreams big and does what she loves.

I’m thankful for how this year turned out with photography. Although sometimes I feel it is not happening fast enough, it is still happening and it is only the beginning.  These pictures below may not be all the pictures I took this year, but each one I took has a story, so here is a few ;).  This is my story through pictures of people I connected with in someway. I just love all these people below! HA! Here’s to 2012!!!


Oh and thank you to my favorite model of all, MY ROXY 😉

I still have a couple of 2011 weddings and family pictures to blog 😉  coming soon!!