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hey! I'm Lily.

Double Life

I don’t really talk about the whole other part of my life on this blog. I have thought about this a lot.  I kind of live a double life. HA! I have tried to keep the two worlds separate but sometimes they kind of intertwine. When I am not shooting awesome photo sessions and weddings or at home having dance party editing sessions with Roxy, I’m working in a whole other world.  I have a career in sports. Can those two worlds be more different? I have this BIG passion for all things LOVE, romance, people and THEN, I work in this very manly sports world.  Kind of crazy, when I think of it.  It is a blessing, I know!  BUT saying I am busy is an understatement. Photography and working this job have kept me the busiest I have ever been. I just got back from an awesome trip to Kansas City for the MLB All-Star game and when work keeps me this busy, I have to find ways to fit it all in.  So yesterday I spent most of my day trying to catch up on photo sessions. Days off are not really days off anymore.  Is it worth it? Abso-FREAKING-lutely.  Yesterday, I met with this very cool couple. The meeting went great!  I swear whether they would have booked me for their wedding or not, I was thankful for this meeting. They are EXACTLY the reasons why I do this.  Why I spend most of my weekday nights and days off working on this photography business I’m trying to build. Meeting with them, seriously as cheesy as it may sound, just reminds me that I’m meant to do this. I’m interested in their story, on what journey they have taken to get where they are today, as individuals and as a couple. No story is perfect, no relationship is the same, which is why I think it is awesome to learn about people.  It just so happens this couple has a similar story as Ivan and I, high school sweethearts. UM I think we were meant for each other, I am THRILLED that they booked me!!  Speaking of Ivan, regardless of my world we make US time a priority… I do not take these times for granted. He is number 1 in my life. Saturday night we had a great night out at the Brothers of the Sun Tour. We LOVE country music! Outdoor country concert, summer night, cold beer and my husbands (Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Ivan) singing to me makes my life complete. SOOOO here is my life in the last couple weeks in iPhone photos. Work and personal life in not so good photos 🙂