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hey! I'm Lily.

Dear Ivan

The other day as I drove home from a long workday all I wanted was to get home to you. I wanted to just be with you. I didn’t feel like talking, I just wanted to wrap myself in your arms.  And when I finally got home, and you let me do just that I could not be happier. You have this way of making me feel safe.  You are home no matter where we are. When I have good days or bad days, you support me, you console me and you ground me.  I adore you for this. I am so thankful for you and this special day called your BIRTHDAY. Every year on this day I feel even more thankful for you. I’ve been lucky enough to have shared many birthdays with you. I remember a time when we were friends and so young, I gave your birthday gift to a friend to give to you. Really?!?! The first year we were dating and money was tight as we were just starting college, I managed to take you out for a special day (how?). Other times when you were away playing baseball and I literally would get on a plane to see you, to surprise you. I just had to be with you on this day. Or even the one time, we had lost our way as a couple, we didn’t really communicate that summer and as your birthday approached, I nervously gathered the courage to call you, because for the last ten years of our lives, we had spoken every year on your birthday. This day is engraved in my heart.  It means so much to me. From the minute I learn the date years ago, it has always been important.  No matter where we were as individuals, no matter how far or how close, spending it with you means the most to me. It has always been my chance to celebrate you, to thank you for everything you are and everything you continue to be. Happy New Year of Life my love. Happy Birthday! Thank you for simply being the most amazing husband and friend.