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I create powerfully engaging imagery for female entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-known brands so they can boost their ongoing marketing efforts and draw their audience in.

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Big Dreamer

Her Twitter Bio says, “I’m a Singer/Dancer and a BIG DREAMER– I dream big because I know if you truly believe in yourself you could make anything happen!”  Tiffany has always known want she will do with this life of hers.  Although there is not an actual plan written on paper, she knows that one way or another, she will make her goal of becoming a singer come true.  Well let me tell you, SHE IS WELL ON HER WAY!  She is this strong girl ready to make her dreams a reality.  Blogging these pictures made me think of that quote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  Tiffany does not really plan, she does.  She lives her life dreaming big and works hard to make it happen. What a blessing to be that brave, right?  Tiffany, I love you my friend and I know you will go so far! You are such an inspiration to all of us.  xoxo!