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Ayla: Happy Third Birthday

Ayla 3 - Lily Ro Photography -1

Happy 3rd Birthday Ayla! Where has the time gone, I know we all say this as parents, BUT really how has it gone so fast?! My baby girl is three today. Three years ago she made me a mom, the most important role ever.

Ayla, you are this sweet, amazing, independent, always curious, girl. I can’t even express how happy you make us. Even Valyn lights up when she sees you. You keep us on our toes.  You are brave, like too brave for mommy and daddy sometimes. However, we love that about you! You’re a great big sister, although sometimes your little sister annoys you and you two fight. Ha! We love how out of no where you just come over to say, I love you. It melts my heart every time and I NEVER take it for granted.

Ayla 3 - Lily Ro Photography -2

You love family hugs, chocolate like your momma, the library, baseball, wonder woman, Doc Mcstuffins and the color blue. Naturally you’re a huge Dodger fan and as proud as that makes your daddy, you totally figured that out on your own. Snacks are your favorite and bedtime reading. Every night you ask for, “One more book please.”

You’re best come back recently was telling mom, “When you’re feeling mad, stomp your feet and feel better.” Or telling dad when he was getting a little frustrated, you said, “Dad what is troubling you?” You are too funny my love.

The sweetest thing you said the other day to your best friend: “Daddy, I love being your daughter.”

You’re pretty social but sometimes you definitely get shy and when that happens you always say: moooooooooom or daaaaaaaaaaad and hide your face.

Ayla 3 - Lily Ro Photography -3

Happy Birthday “AYLITA”! Celebrating YOU has become one of our favorite things to do! We love you to the moon and back. XOXO!

Ayla 3 - Lily Ro Photography -1