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1 year of Ayla

What an emotional post! When it comes to Ayla I always get emotional, she is my world. As a mother your whole heart changes when you welcome your baby into the world. Where did the year go?! Ayla is 1-year-old today. I have been reflecting on this last year all week. She’s changed my life, she has made me a better person. WE did it Ivan! We survived the first year, all the unknown. I think we did a pretty good job ;). I love everything Ayla brings to our life, even the struggles of being a first time parent. There is nothing like this feeling, the joy of picking her up from her crib every morning, seeing her explore and discover new things everyday. It is quite amazing.

Ayla, you bring us such joy. We are so, so lucky to have you in our lives. You were such a good baby, hopefully you are a well behaved little toddler ;). Since we brought you home you just ate and slept, you were rarely fussy and a good sleeper right from the start. WE LOVED that about you (of course we did), by 5 months you were sleeping through the night. Thank you for that. HA!! You may cry and fuss of course, but more than anything you smile and wave, you are the happiest little girl. Your first words were Hi and then Roxy. REALLY?! Of course they were. Roxy loves you and you love her, it makes me so happy!! The next words that came were agua and dada… STILL waiting on momma. Now a days you love to wave hi, dance while in your in your high chair, are trying so hard to walk and loooove your Minnie Mouse. Daddy bought you a Minnie doll and from that day forward it is the one stuffed animal that makes you the happiest. You love to swing and absolutely enjoy being in our weekly music class. You say hi to any dog you see, but I like to think Roxy is your BFF. Your favorite food right now is peas, bananas and CHEESE! You really are your father’s daughter. Your favorite book is It’s a Small World and your favorite song is If your Happy and You know it Clap Your Hands. My girl, you have the sweetest personalty and are so determined when you want something. You try and try until you get the thing you want. You love to explore EVERYTHING. We just love to watch you grow.

Picking a few pictures was tough, but here are only some of our favorites.
photo credit: Ala Cortez These are from the first few weeks with our girl, she just looked at me like what is going on!! Little did she know the camera would be in her face OFTEN, but she adjusted and caught on to smiling at me pretty quickly. Unfortunately, because we were so exhausted we used our cell phone for pictures more then the big camera. Being sleep deprived makes you do dumb things. 4 months! 5 months!! 6 months, welcome solids! It’s when the real fun began, well at least for Roxy as she cleans up the floor for us ;). 7 months, truly one of my favorite pictures! 8 months! 9 months! 10 months, her baptism. Such a special day! 11 months! Annnnd this morning, having her first pancake! Oh the joy!