I thought I had my life goals all planned out. Then when I least expected it, something changed my path. I never imagined going down this road with photography. I had a promising career that I enjoyed, but then I fell head over heels with documenting love. Initially, I didn’t even want to admit how much I wanted to learn about this creative world because of the dedication I had to my career. However, my heart was ready to explore. Now photography has become such a blessing in my life and I'm grateful for finally allowing myself to do what I know I was meant to do. I went from working behind the scenes in sports television, to building a career I love dearly. When I first picked up a camera, I realized that through photography I could tell stories. One of my biggest passions in life is learning about people and their stories. I'm inspired by life, by little moments that are not so little. So here I am, completely devoted to doing what I love, because I love LOVE!

I'm a dreamer and definitely a believer in making things happen, which is how I got here!


PS. Somehow a part of me ended up back in the sports world, but this time with my camera! See some of my sports and editorial work here.