"True love isn't found. It's built."

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So are we a good match?
Maybe we are because:
• Photography is very important to you.
• You are passionate about life and living in the moment.
• You love dance parties and you don’t care who’s watching.
• You are in love. Can't-live-without-each-other-love.
• You love coffee.
• You're inspired by people who are living out their dreams.
• You love wine (OK, you don't have to love wine, BUT have you maybe thought you haven't found your wine yet?).
• You're a foodie and try new restaurants often with the best company.
• You love Spotify and never ever dare to work a day without it playing in the background.

You should know that if you hire me I'm most likely to cry at your wedding. Also, I will want to know all the details of your love story, because it is inspiration as I photograph your wedding day. I want you to have the best possible photos, but just as important the best possible wedding photography experience. This is why it's so important for me to feel that I can connect with each of my couples.